He left BIG SHOES TO FILL but they were pointed in the right direction!

Who comes to your mind when you see this image? 

I think of my grandfather.  He taught me through his example the value of hard work, being respectful, treating people fairly and having a strong work ethic.

You know the expression,

More is caught than taught.

He was a man of few words, but his life spoke volumes. 

Raised by a single mother with 5 children, I experienced the struggle of living on a very limited income.  We were poor as church mice! But what allowed us to have some form of normalcy was the support provided by my grandparents.

More important than helping to put food on the table, they shared valuable principles that helped shape my growing inquisitive mind.  Grandpa would say, "Do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.  Be on time.  Work hard. Do your best."

Everyone has the opportunity to leave a legacy, starting with their influence on family and relationships. It’s important that people have a legacy and not just live for themselves.

Our legacy also includes finances.  Retirement savings are a part of that.

Why do I do what I do? I grew up in a financially volatile home and I want to help others avoid that, plan ahead, weather the storms and thrive. 

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