I planned to start saving "someday." 

Schlappi Financial Group helped turn "someday" into today.

My first contact with Bruce Schlappi was in 1990, right after I’d been laid off. He encouraged me to start saving, but I replied that I needed to start working first! I was always one of those people who was going to start saving “someday.”

Bruce helped me turn “someday” into today and guided us in the right direction. He set me up with a simple term-life policy to get some immediate protection for my family. 

When we moved from Kansas City to Wisconsin, Bruce stayed on top of things. Through phone calls and visits, he kept us informed and educated. 

He introduced us to infinite banking through whole life insurance. This was new to us, but it made a lot of sense. We started saving aggressively, using whole life insurance as our main savings vehicle. 

At first it was rough. I had been used to buying what we needed when we needed it without giving a second thought to savings. It stretched us to start putting that extra money aside. After 7 years, when we needed to buy a new car, Bruce took a look at our policies to see if we could do something through those. Taking out a policy loan, we paid cash for our new car, much to the dismay of the dealership that wanted us to make monthly payments to them. Instead, we made payments to ourselves “The Bank of Chris & Cheryl,” as Bruce calls it. 

The peace of mind knowing a lot of cash is available in case of an emergency is priceless. After the financial fiasco of 2008, we decided that it would be best to pay off our home. Bruce agreed. We owed $73,000 on it, and with a couple of phone calls and a check in the mail from Lafayette Life, we paid our house off 15 years early, saving about $50,000 in interest. It was as easy as that. 

Every major purchase we have made has resulted in a call to Bruce for his advice. It has paid off. Our home and all of our vehicles are paid for. We don’t owe anyone anything.

Bruce has always been there for us and helped us with difficult financial decisions. We have never received bad advice, and look forward to working with him as we move toward retirement. 

Chris & Cheryl Gardner
Oshkosh, Wisc.

An investment strategy for the long haul


Bruce has helped guide me into good, long-term, secure investments that I can leverage not only for my retirement, but for needs and opportunities throughout my life.

What appeals to me the most about Bruce’s approach is that I don’t have to be an expert in the stock market to be successful.

Additionally, I lock in my rates. With term life insurance, the prices go up as you age. It is easier to budget when the monthly costs stay the same.

Bruce has helped my wife and I to make sure we are putting enough into savings to meet our needs when we retire.
I have had Bruce recommend against investments where he stood to make a commission because it was not the right choice for me and my family.  He is in it to help you for the long term, not short-term gains.

Steve Vohs
Lenexa, Kansas.

"My only regret ... "

... is that I didn't start investing with Bruce sooner.

I had worked with several brokers and had some bad experiences. Some had lost my money. 

Bruce Schlappi was pleasant but also persistent. After my experiences with other brokers, I decided to give him a try. When an opportunity came up to roll over a couple of retirement accounts, I contacted him.

I wanted a conservative portfolio and Bruce set it up exactly as I asked. I get a good, steady rate of return. Now he manages several accounts for me.

Bruce calls me every month and he never calls with bad news.

I've shared his services with a number of people and I know that I can recommend him with confidence. Those who have followed up with Bruce have also been happy.

Bruce has never lost my money.

Mike Wilson
Belton, Mo.








Blue Springs, Mo.