Dignity. Honor. Remember.

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of Summer 2017.  But Memorial Day is more than just picnics, ceremonies and parades. Please join me in hitting the PAUSE button!  It is a holiday for remembering and honoring fallen patriots who died while serving in our country's armed forces.

Growing up, Memorial Day involved gathering peony flowers to take to the cemetery to place on relatives' gravesites.  I remember the stillness of that time. What makes cemeteries so quiet?  It's the one place where breeze actually has a sound and the birds' songs seem more melodious.

Nowhere is this more evident than Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place to over 400,000 brave men and women.  Crosses placed precisely mark the lives and legacies of these heroes.  It is a solemn place where lives are remembered for their service and sacrifice.

Young soldiers of The Third United States Infantry Regiment, "The Old Guard" of Arlington National Cemetery, have the honor and responsibility escorting deceased military service members to their final resting place. Horse drawn carriages carry the coffins draped with the American flag. Every detail is precise.  Every detail is rehearsed.  Why?  Respect for the service member and their family.

If you want to see precision in action check out "The Old Guard."  They are reminded every day that 'Freedom isn't free.'

I don't want to talk about money or finances today.  Just want to reflect on the dignity and honor of the men and women of Arlington National Cemetery.

Be safe this weekend. Say a prayer and a special thank you to those who serve to protect the freedoms we enjoy daily.