Priceless Gift

Mother's Day, established in the early 1900's, was initially intended to show appreciation and honor for mothers through handwritten letters expressing love and gratitude.  It quickly morphed into buying gifts and pre-made, store-bought cards.

The Mothers' Salary Index shows that each year moms seem to take on additional tasks. Even if we assigned a dollar amount to each task it still wouldn't be an accurate value attached to what mothers do! But mothers don't send invoices for their labor of love.  At least mine didn't.

My mom, a single mom, raised 5 children.  We sometimes  didn't have money for gifts or store-bought cards.  I recall drawing pictures for her on Mother's Day.  I didn't fully understand the sacrifices she made for us until later when I had children of my own.  I don't know how she did it. Thanks, Mom!!

What do you remember most about your mother?  What was your favorite dessert she baked? Do you have a favorite memory?  My favorite memory was when she took us swimming at a nearby lake.  I remember all of us kids scurrying around the house. putting on swimsuits and gathering up water toys.  We jumped in the car and shouted to her in the house where she was making a simple picnic lunch,  "We are in the car and we are not fighting!"  In other words, "we are ready . . hurry, hurry, hurry!"

Wouldn't you love to have  a life event replay button?  I would!

Here is my suggestion to you this Mother's Day.  Give a handwritten note of appreciation to your mother. Hug her and hold her two seconds longer than usual.  Flowers, candy and gifts are great too, but some things you can't put a price tag on.