Child's Play

Ellie 2017 visit.jpg

I have been a little quiet on the "blog writing front" lately.   All the industry reading, paperwork, compliance materials can easily be overwhelming.  And that is before keeping up professionally with social media avenues.  My almost-two year old-granddaughter was visiting for several weeks earlier this year and I took some time to enjoy being with her.  She liked being in my office and would often bring her toys to my desk as shown in the picture above.  If my doors were closed , she would bolt to the office as soon as she heard the doors open. Loved having her here.  We can learn a lot through the eyes of a child.

This picture of her blocks by my computer is a good reminder of the importance of simplicity.  Insurance and retirement planning is more than a simple transaction. It can become complex with several moving parts. The challenge before me is to consider the uniqueness of each family's resources and needs.  But each situation breaks down to something very simple.  Secure the permanent benefits needed and reduce or eliminate risk to money supply! By focusing on what I consider to be most important, benefits and money supply, plans are designed for the ultimate outcome - Peace of Mind.

How technical is your field of expertise?  Can you easily break it down to explain to the common man or woman?

In any task, career or endeavor there is a starting point,. . . the lowest common denominator.  From an initial starting point many things take place to move from point A to point B and beyond. Or in the famous words of Buzz Lightyear, "To Infinity and Beyond."

Little Miss Ellie wanted to help me with my work when she put her toys by my computer.  I would like to help you with establishing your benefits and money supply.  We'll start with the basics and build from there.