Will I make plans today to protect my family tomorrow?

Am I willing to sacrifice the 'wants' of today to ensure the 'needs' of tomorrow?

There are times in our lives when we face very, very big choices.  It will be vital to our happiness and peace of mind to make the right choice.  These will be times when only our heart can guide us.  I pray my heart is pure and humble when facing big decisions.

In my business, helping people plan for their life insurance needs and retirement is a serious operation.  With over 35 years of experience I emphatically conclude that acquiring permanent benefits is the only real solution for families.  Permanent means the benefit lasts as long as you live.  To delay acquiring permanent benefits is putting your family at great financial risk.

Over the years I have met several men and women who have suffered from putting off this decision.  They often relied on group benefits and term (temporary) life insurance, which was cheap, but often ended before it was needed.

The reasoning I heard --

"temporary benefits are "good enough for now." 

"I will think about it and get back with you."

"I like what you are saying, but I have to pay off ______ before I get started." 

In their heart they knew they were jeopardizing the future of their family. 

In some cases the risks were real and emotionally devastating.  One instance was the Reverend Jones, then in his late 60's, referred to me by his deacon and friend.  After hearing my explanation of permanent safety he said, "Bruce, I wish I had met you years ago." He was ill with diabetes and no longer insurable.  And his dear wife had developed dementia.  Their working years were over.  The house was paid off and they had no debts, but they had little in savings and no benefits except the wife's small life insurance and Medicare.  The life insurance was later taken by the nursing home. 

You know the saying, "It's never too late to get started."  That's a nice statement, but In many cases, it is too late.  It was too late for Reverend and Mrs. Jones. Time waits for no one.  Now both of them could no longer work and earn an income.  Their working years came to an end. Yours will too!

Another example is the dear Murano family.  Mr. Murano came to America with just a few dollars, but he built a career in medical sales. He told me, "I used to own whole life insurance but I dropped it."  The fake financial news gurus have hurt a lot of people who believed they would do well in the risky high stakes game of the stock market.  He developed heart disease in his 50's, making him uninsurable.  All Mr. Murano had left from his successful career was a small IRA and group benefits.   As we talked his dear wife of many years sat quietly in her chair.  She had a stroke a few years before and relied on her husband to take care of her every day.  They had to move their beds to the front room to live on the first level. The look of fear in his face and his words sent chills down my back as he said, "Now I have nothing. I am so afraid of what will happen to her if I get sick or die before she does."  As I listened to his story I could not help but think of how few his options were at age 74.   Things that filled his budget and pushed out the decision to buy permanent life insurance are now completely meaningless.  Their nice multilevel house is now an albatross and no longer useful because of their fear of using the steps.  Its big mortgage payment in the early years caused the most stress to the budget. He said to me, "Bruce, I have failed to plan well."  I tried to encourage him but his statement was true and he knew it.  Mr. Murano is walking through a stage in life we all must walk one day.  The protection offered through life insurance is needed so desperately for expenses and needs that will arise as we grow older. And we will grow older in the blink of an eye.

I believe God called me to this profession in 1980 when I was just 25 years old.  At that time I was seeking and praying for direction in my life in establishing a career.  My resources were very limited, but my desire to improve and succeed was compelling me to go forward.   There was no father figure in my childhood to guide me, but I was fortunate to become friends with someone who did get me pointed in the right direction.  I shared my burden with Mr. and Mrs. Caylor, an older couple who owned a small bible bookstore.  Mr. Caylor said he thought I would do well in the life insurance business.  When I asked him why he answered, "Because you care about people and you can talk to anyone." I learned a tremendous unforgettable lesson that day.  A good honest friend can see your talent and will point out your strengths when you need to hear it most.  It was a pivotal moment that changed the course of my life.  I thank God for John and Mildred Caylor.  Since that day my only career has been helping people solve financial problems and establish permanent benefits for their family.

So for me there is only one answer to my question.  It is YES.  Yes, today I must protect my family with permanent benefits.  Yes, I will continue to implement my plan today to protect my family tomorrow.  I willingly sacrifice the 'wants' of today to ensure my family's 'needs' of tomorrow?

May I help you get started today on building your peace of mind and happiness.  Small or large - something is always better than nothing. I know you will be satisfied and proud you did.